Way too warm around here to think about swimming

Last winter, the winter of 2013-14, came in hard and fast in early December, then petered out to nothing before the holidays had even arrived. It was a brown Christmas, followed by a drought winter. This winter of 2014-15 began a bit more traditionally, which I took as a good sign. Our ski resorts opened, and we enjoyed a few weeks of cracking the frozen water on the dog bowls and worrying about pipes, but now, in only mid-January, we’re back to balmy afternoons. Our biggest weather excitement? The usual Southern Oregon fog sinking into the Rogue Valley. I’m hoping things pick up in the precipitation department, because I need snow under my feet and under my skis. I’ve been threatening to move.

I know many of you do not have this problem, and are instead yearning (already!) for spring. This Coastal Living article on 13 best hotel pools, in which I’m quoted next to Samantha Brown (Samantha freaking Brown!!) is for you.


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