What a snow day marathon looks like in our house

We had three snow days last week and this, with a weekend between them, making for five indoor-only, below-freezing days with less than five inches of actual snow to play in. It started off nicely enough, got a bit ugly, then felt peaceful again (after I’d given up all hope of school ever re-opening).


Day 1.


Any day for the dog.


Only in our house does ‘cookie making’ mean ‘hammer time’.


Finished product.


Sometime during Day 3, the reindeer lost one antler.


It’s lovely, but get me out of this house.I know we weren’t the only family snowed in (or iced in) for days. How did you fare?

2 thoughts on “What a snow day marathon looks like in our house

  1. After the third rainy day recess yesterday and two the day before, my class was under the false impression that I was, at no point, not in the room with them. It was bad. HOwever, I heard of a school in S. Dakota that’s been stuck inside for three weeks. So…? Maybe I don’t have it that bad.

  2. We had a 20+ inch snow storm last year and we were stuck inside for three days. I was C.R.A.Z.Y by the end of it. The grocery store felt like an amusement park! I have nothing but sympathy for you.

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