Shopping with kids 101

The following is a guest post, with tips for holiday shopping. 

shopping-with-kidsMothers play an important role in their children’s lives because most moms stay at home to take care of their kids. In fact, children in Ireland tend to spend more time with their mothers than fathers on a regular basis; and more than three fourths of young children identify their mother as their confidant figure, based on a study published by The same family setup goes in the USA despite the fact that fathers have nearly tripled their time with their children from 2.5 hours in 1965 to 7.3 hours per week in 2011. USA Today reported that mothers in the United States spend almost twice as much time with their children as fathers do (13.5 hours a week) in 2011.

One of the activities that mothers do with their children is shopping, but this task is not that easy to do especially when you are trying to control an energetic toddler. To help you make your shopping experience with your kids more fun and pleasant, try to do some of these tips:

Clothing Size

Before leaving home, make sure that you have the correct clothing size of your children so you can easily find clothes when you get to Westfield Southcenter Mall. M&S Kids suggests that measurements such as height are a better guide than age in choosing the correct size. To find the right size, you also need to measure the neck, chest, waist, and hips. By doing so, you will save up much time and avoid the inconvenience of measuring your kids in crowded places.

Get Their Opinion

Instead of asking your children to wait while you choose what gift to buy for your friends and family, why not get them involved? Ask them to choose between two items so that they will feel that their opinions are important too. This will also benefit mothers who always take a long time to decide what to buy.

Take a Break

Toddlers easily get bored so it is important to take a break from shopping. You can have some ice cream at Dairy Queen or order them a Happy Meal. This will put your kids in a better mood; and if you got them a Happy Meal, then the toy can keep them preoccupied while you focus on your shopping.

Since you know your children more, try to think of other ways on how you can please them or keep them busy while shopping. This activity will no longer be a huge task for mothers, but instead a fun bonding with their kids.

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