Capturing the in-between

We recently brought my water-damaged iPhone back from the dead, and amid the joy, I realized we’d also liberated a large library of iPhone pics, mostly taken on my Instagram account.

Thank God for camera phones. Really. Because it’s with them that we capture all those off-the-cuff, shooting-from-the-hip moments that live in the everyday. Forget Christmas, and Easter, and the big school production. Never mind vacation days. This is where we live, Monday through Friday. This is who we are in the off-season, on slow Saturdays, in-between the biggies. And it’s the images of these moments that catch me most unaware, a swift stab to the heart.

Goofing off.

amyrw instagram

Waiting for twilight.

amyrw instagram

Reluctantly posing.

amyrw instagram

Walking away.

amyrw instagram

Thank you, iPhone. Thank you, Instagram.

4 thoughts on “Capturing the in-between

  1. This is probably my favorite thing about my iphone, or any smart phone, I suppose – the fact that it is always with me ready to capture those life moments.

  2. With you! I am a lover of Instagram…I have enjoyed taking and developing the pics. Recently went to a wedding and there was a # for the bride and groom…so as everyone snapped away during the day, the photos were shared right away and there’s a whole gallery out there for them! I was pretty good with a film camera when mine were little (now 25 and 22)…but I would have loved to grab these in-between-times with such ease! Congrats on saving your phone!

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