Party like it’s 2018

Our neighborhood goes all out for Halloween. Every year since our kids started trick-or-treating, my friend and I have gathered all six of our boys on one block to tackle the crazy of the night together. Our husbands always trail behind, randomly and ineffectually calling out, ‘Don’t run!’ or ‘Say thank you!’ while we corral ghosts and superheroes, cowboys and Indians from street to street.

This year, our eldest two deemed themselves old enough to set off on their own. Newly minted 7th graders, they gathered in a group of five or six boys and took off with glow sticks and cell phones. Other people have noted feelings of sadness or worry when faced with such milestones of independence, but we thought it was awesome. We joked that when our youngest finally graduated to that golden age of solo trick-or-treating, we’d throw ourselves a big parents-only Halloween party. Which led to doing the math: the year our six-year-olds reached age 13, it would be…2018.


It seems so far away! But here’s where I insert a cliche about how fast time flies: I remember when Toby was born, and in a weak moment of sleep-deprived depression, I spent my car pool pick-up wait time calculating what grade Nate would be in when the baby finally started school. Answer: 6th. Current grade: Kindergarten. I laid my head on the steering wheel and cried.

But here we are. Nate’s flown past 6th, and Toby’s in 1st. Calvin’s…well, Calvin’s the middle child, so who knows what he’s up to? My point is, when Toby reaches 7th, Nate will be…gone. College-aged. And we all know college is a million years away. And yet…tomorrow.

My advice? Party like it’s 2018, because by the time it gets here, you may blink and miss it.

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13 thoughts on “Party like it’s 2018

  1. Oh, I remember that feeling– the one where you realize that you’ve had your children 5.5 years apart, and that means one will go into middle school the same year that one goes into kindergarten. It seemed so far away, but then it happened, faster than I could even imagine. That was a tough year, but we moved through it. Now, I have a child in high school. When did that happen?

  2. I have one in high school and one on the boob. I know how terrifyingly fast it goes and it scares the socks off me. Solo trick or treating? Oh, I loathe that day! It’s my favorite holiday!

  3. Two comments – one is that I always seem to celebrate those milestones when my oldest hits them. But when the youngest hits them, that’s when I feel a bit weepy.

    The other comment – due to spacing of my kids – I will have 16 consecutive years in my elementary school. I just feel plain bad for Henry – he’s getting the shaft on momma volunteer time because I was done a few years ago!

    • Others have told me the same: that they celebrated with the eldest, cried with the youngest. I imagine I’ll be the same. We want our eldest to grow up so fast, don’t we? And yeah, the youngest get short-changed on the mommy-volunteerism for sure!

  4. Oh, time is fast and slow and so very tricky. I guess I better party like it’s 2024 (dear god!) starting now. Huh?

    Congrats on a solo flier. My parents decided that my sister could take me along with her. Poof, no more waiting.

  5. It makes my breath catch in my throat when I think about how my biggest little kid will be driving by the time my littlest little kid is his age. And then he’ll be off to college and his life will no longer be my life. Yeah. Hard to breathe through it.

    • ‘His life will no longer be my life’…I love how you put that. So true, the way their lives are not really their own (and neither are ours) at this stage.

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