Why boys are easier to raise than girls: Part 1

My friend with two little girls keeps complaining about the god-awful outfits her daughters create out of seemingly incongruous items of clothing such as striped tights, sparkly jelly shoes, gaudily flowered hairbands and one particularly beloved black-and-white checkered sundress that’s completely inappropriate for the season. It got me to thinking about my boys and their constant rotation of jeans and t-shirts. It is my suspicion that they truly do not care what they wear, so I did a little experiment in which I placed the same (washed) t-shirt at the very top of each boy’s pile of t-shirts in their t-shirt drawer (yes, they live in t-shirts) every day for a week.

The result: every day for a week, BOTH Nate and Calvin reached for, put on, and wore the exact shirt as the day before, simply because it was the first one their hands touched. And not once did they question this. Or even notice.

So I am proved correct. They truly do not care. (Unless you try to give Calvin a polo shirt with a collar, in which he says, “Why are you making me wear wedding clothes?” and tosses it to the floor.)

I have more examples, and will be back with them shortly. In the meantime, what do you all think? Are boys easier than girls?

20 thoughts on “Why boys are easier to raise than girls: Part 1

  1. LOl! Alex would wear Superman every day of the week. But he has ten gazillion shirts (because we are the privileged recipients of many people’s hand-me-down generosity) and when I get tired of him wearing the same shirt every day, or when (Heaven forbid!) Superman goes in the wash, he puts together some pretty wretched combinations, too. 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s amazing. My boys care and care A LOT. Their choices are based not on cleanliness or fashion, but some secret calculus that I can’t fathom any more than I can actual calculus. The oldest (M) started early–he would kick and scream when I tried to put overalls on him when he was one-and-a-half. When he was two, I made him a pair of red bandana pants and he cried when I put them on him. One of his younger brothers (E), on the other hand, at age 5, wears them as manpris, with rainbow legwarmers, all the time (http://remainsofday.blogspot.com/2010/03/es-new-favorite-outfit.html). The other younger brother (Z) digs through the baskets of clean laundry to sort out his preferred pairs of jeans, sweats, cammo and certain shirts and folds them himself to stash in a special spot. So, no, not easier than girls and I don’t get to dress them up in velvet dresses with tights and Mary Janes for Christmas…although I might get E into such an outfit.

    • Now THAT is style. Only some can pull it off, your E obviously included. My sister could get away with wearing anything growing up; she’d look cute no matter what. I, on the other hand, managed to look awkward in jeans and a tee.

  3. My boys are the same! They usually only wear 4-5 different shirts, because that’s what gets washed and put on top. I’ve stopped buying them more than 4-5 outfits and saved money! They’ll wear a T-shirt with just about anything on it… especially my oldest. They HATE clothes shopping too. In that aspect it is super easy (although I hate the very limited selection in the boys’ section, and am glad I have nieces to buy clothes for). I think in general boys are harder when they’re little, girls when they reach the teens. I’m hoping with tween boys I’m “over the hump”, although we’re already getting that teen attitude here with my 12 yr old. :-/

    • It is a huge money saver, isn’t it? My kids are done shopping within 15 minutes of any outing, and hand-me-downs are just fine with them. I have heard that adage before too that girls are harder later, boys harder earlier. I hope it’s true!

  4. The clothes battle with my daughter is one I absolutely dread. She goes through almost 4 dress changes a day and it usually ends with some mismatched concoction. But she is a kid and it is the only time she can probably get away with have no color sense… I’ve thrown in the towel and just go along with her choices (as long as they are weather reasonable).

    I certainly think you are on to something.

    • You’re right…if you can’t dress eccentrically when you’re a kid, when can you? (I guess when you’re 80?) I say live it up! (But oy, the laundry!)

  5. As the mom of two boys and potentially a third on the way, I certainly hope it’s true that boys are easier than girls. (Of course, I reserve the right to reverse myself if it turns out that Baby #3 is an XX instead of another XY!) 🙂

    (Love your new look, by the way. Another Sarah Fite triumph, I see!)

  6. I would LOVE to know this answer. I have three girls. Mine, and two step-daughters. The oldest step-daughter is the boy (ish) and not girly at all. She won’t dress up and doesn’t really care to. Has no interest in beauty shop, or dolls. That is as close as I come to a boy. 🙂

  7. Having three boys, I feel I might have something to offer up on this subject. I don’t even have to wash the t-shirt. If I let my boys, they’d sleep in the same clothes and wear them every single day!

  8. I think my daughter is easy since I just let her wear what she wants and it isn’t necessarily what I would choose but she thinks she looks fabulous and because she thinks so – she does.

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