Home is:

your car pulling into the driveway

the echoing chime of the doorbell

the clang of dishes being set

the low murmur of the TV

the quick slap of a basketball

the rumbling bark of the dog

the sharp beep of the oven

the comfort of your low laugh

the scrape of a snow shovel

the beat of a favorite playlist

the whir of fresh coffee brewing

the rumble of the water heater

the steady hum of the refrigerator

the off-key whistling in the bathroom

the after-school clamoring to be heard

the buzz of the clothes dryer

the logging on or off Windows

your ring-tone on my cell phone

the purr of the grumpy cat

your greeting when we’ve been apart.

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26 thoughts on “Home is:

  1. How did it get to be the end of the week already?

    Love the sounds of your home. My home sounds similar, though I’d have to add the bawking of chickens.

    • It’s really hard for me to stay ‘present’ (I said as much in another comment, too), and writing about it helps me to find that ‘now’ place, you know?

    • I have to come clean…as I commented to Melissa upthread, that’s totally not my entry. I just needed a stock photo of a home! So don’t waste energy wondering how I do it! 😉 My own entry is filled with sweatshirts and muddy shoes and (scattered) backpacks at the moment!

    • Thank you! I wish I had this entryway too (the Stock Photo family sure have it good!); mine could use a sweeping at the moment. Glad you stopped by!

    • Honestly, I just sat for a moment and listened, and wrote it down. Easiest post ever! But I like it too, because it’s a reminder to me of what’s important, you know?

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