The best treats of the season
come in gold and amber and
sienna and bronze and pumpkin orange.
From the window, the porch, the
table where we bless our bread,
we watch them age, each one
an old woman or man wrinkling
at the edges, brittle to the
touch and paper-thin like
ancient skin over knuckle and bone.

They turn and turn and turn
and fall all in a heap
at the base of their trees
or else scattered across the lawn,
into the gutter, wet like tissue
decoupaged to the street. In the
afternoon, we bring in our dead
in wide arcs that leave nothing
behind but brown grass, bare earth,
and the naked skeleton of a
root uncovered. Someone finds a marble,
an army guy forgotten outside the
week before, a red-stained Popsicle
stick left over from last summer.

Written for Six Word Fridays and submitted to You Capture. Photo credit: sunlitdays.

28 thoughts on “Treat

  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. The colors of autumn are one of the things I miss in the area I live in. I live in what is known as the Piney Woods in Texas, which means that 99% of the trees in this area are pine grown for paper. So in the fall, there isn’t much color change at all, no jewel tones to admire. Although I just realized that this means that in the winter, I am surrounded by Christmas trees everywhere, so score!

  2. This is scrumptious! And the relics of summer… the fact that I’m in shorts and a t-shirt inside my condo even though it is 47 and rainy outside. Oh and the furnace is not on. I’m having a hard time letting summer go. Ha…

    • You wish you had leaves until you’re raking them for the hundredth time in late November because they just keep coming down. 😉 Thanks Melissa!

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