Oh, to be a Tween Again

“Did you know that Justin Bieber and Victoria Justice might be engaged?”

Nate offered this choice tidbit of information between bites of Life cereal the other day. Now, I’m 90% sure he’s incorrect, but more importantly, where does he hear this stuff? Does he have a subscription to US Weekly I don’t know about? Does he sit around comparing notes with his friends? My god, does he blog?

Imagine my relief when it quickly became apparent that he was catching me up to speed on all things Nick news as an excuse to ask a few follow-ups: namely, why Justin Bieber ‘sings like a girl’ and whether he does it on purpose. This confusion was reassuring, but the fact remains: the day your kid comes to you with pop culture questions, you know they’re growing up.

And that’s all I’ve got on this last day before Nate enters 6th grade.

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